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Bernhard's Portfolio


2 Welcome and Thanks

Hi, my name is Bernhard.

I am passionate about building beautiful user experiences, designing various applications, and arranging ground-breaking layouts.

I'd like to show you some of my selected work from the past through the present.

Curious about my work? Contact me and we can discuss the details and find solutions.

Welcome and Thanks 3

Powering the future of software delivery.

I am currently upgrading a front-end framework.

Full Time UI-Developer
San Francisco, CA
AppDirect Inc.
July 2014 -
AppDirect Inc. 6

Re-inventing recommendations

Luvocracy is responsive and works accross devices.

Luvocracy is a social shopping site described by Mashable as "Pinterest for people who actually want to buy stuff."

I helped grow the site from hundreds to hundreds of thousand of users by rapidly implementing front-end solutions including a responsive web framework and time-saving reusable components.

Luvocracy got acquired by Walmart in July 2014.

Full Time Front-End Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Luvocracy Inc.
September 2012 - July 2014
Luvocracy Inc. 7
Building a catalog service with all kinds of cards drastically simplified the development.
The concept was so successful that we decided to implement it across all platforms and devices.
8 Luvocracy Inc.
Luvocracy Inc. 9

All around typography

Some of the elements and layouts I worked on

I started at Fontshop International in July 2011 as a front-end developer at the office in Berlin, Germany.

It was fascinating to work with a global team around all aspects of professional typography, web development and app development.

The special work situation created amazing opportunities to collaborate together with typographers and developers from both company offices.

10 Fontshop International
My favorite project was the "Random Fonts" page,
a high-performance font discovery tool. I independently designed and developed the feature.
Works on mobile devices as well.

Full Time Front-End Engineer
Berlin, Germany &
San Francisco, CA
FontShop International
July 2011 - September 2012
Fontshop International 11

Empowering collaborative editing around the world

I worked as a summer intern at Wikia in 2010. The timing was ideal because a complete front-end and partly back-end redesign happened during my internship.

We used the latest front-end technology to convert elements into HTML 5 and CSS 3 with the help of SASS. Wikia‘s redesign was a great success story.

My implemented feature, the "Latest Photos", turned into one of the most popular features on the website.

Latest Photos - most used feature.
12 Wikia Inc.
"Oasis" - Wikia's new skin I worked on in 2010. Today it is still the foundation of a highly scalable wiki-platform that became one of the top US-websites.

Front-End Engineering Intern
San Francisco, CA
Wikia Inc.
July 2010 - November 2010
Wikia Inc. 13

A first impact to the amazing world of typography

As a front-end intern, I extended FontShop's outgoing email system to customers' requests and developed a footer-system for cross-domain usage.

I designed and developed a bookmarklet to send images and photos back to the fonts gallery that lead to a great typography showcase collection.

I wrote a Bookmakrlet that populates a font sample gallery.
14 Fontshop Inc.
Simply drag and drop the bookmarklet to send images back to FontShop fonts-in-use gallery.

FontShop was the ideal place to get exposure to a successful ecommerce business.

Front-End Engineering Intern
San Francisco, CA
FontShop Inc.
July 2009 - October 2009
FontShop Inc. 15

Building an online place for offline community groups

Big Tent‘s web application provides a platform for community groups to organize and connect online.

The free platform is easy to use, but also provides powerful group management features and is completely customizable.

"Quick Links"

The site‘s revenue model is based on nonaggressive advertisement.

My main focus was implementing and developing the user interface and user experience design.

My favorite element on the page is the "Quick links" list. It‘s a way to navigate very quickly through the platform and jump to the main actions.

Web Developer, Web Designer
San Francisco, CA
BigTent Inc.
February 2007
- September 2008
16 BigTent Inc.
Buzz-Pages present all group activities in one single view.

What I like about the Group Buzz page is that you can see all group activites compressed in one place. The simplistic layout makes it very easy to navigate through the content.

BigTent Inc. 17

The public face of BigTent

The public page was one of my favorite projects at Big Tent.

I like the idea of changing the large polaroid image based on the promoted "group of the week. " The admins can replace it with their own group image – it shows in a wonderful photographic way the variety of Big Tent‘s group life.

The newest company blog entries are also visible, as well as the latest groups that have joined the platform. This makes the platform look lively and inviting.

18 BigTent Inc.

Designing for the customer

My redesign of their website.

I gained insight into the world of customer relations and sales management during a four month internship at a local computer service center.

During this time I redesigned the store‘s website and did various design work in web and print format.

I really liked the openness of this internship. I was given complete creative control over their public page and I took full advantage of this freedom.

Computer Service Fiedler
October 2006 - February 2007
Computer Service Fiedler 19

Sharing my love of coding

In the summer of 2006, I worked at Stanford's iD-Tech camp as a counselor teaching web design and flash animation.

I taught general knowledge of HTML and Flash and how to design a website in Dreamweaver.

iD-Tech allowed me to share some of my knowledge and experience with young people.

Taught web design techniques and basics in Flash animation as a camp instructor at Stanford.

iD-Tech Camps
Stanford, CA
May 2006 - August 2006
20 iD-Tech Camps

Law Office Lochmann

As a side project, I designed and developed a website for a law office.

The focus was a clean design and an easy to use site structure with an always visible contact form.

Attorney Website - May 2010
Law Office Lochmann 21

Blog: InspeKtor

One of our professors inspired us to create a watch blog about flyers and products handed out at our university.

I implemented my custom design and set up the blogging system and instructed other students in publishing.

School project: Watch Blog
January 2009
22 Blog: InspeKtor

European School of Waldenburg

The content management system is just great!

I managed my school‘s website for several years. My work included multiple redesigns to the newest web standards, the installation of a content management system and continual site updates.

I love how the content management system snaps together all parts of the website. It‘s so easy to update and archive the pages.

European School of Waldenburg - 2003 - 2007
European School of Waldenburg 23

Connecting my alumni

Looks like a Polaroid Photo.

Before social networking became popular in Germany, the only ways to stay connected was over an email list or a simple group website.

I created a platform where you can find a student list with photos and a simple contact form.

I added some 3D-animations in flash to offer a photo flipping experience.

Photo flipping via 3D-animation.
Highschool Graduation Website
October 2005

24 Abeatur 2005

Action website for environmental substainabilty

Tons of photos from my region, visual arguments for protecting the area. Panoramas of all the towns included.

The area around my hometown was in danger by proposed plans for sand minig. I thought I could help the campaign best by creating a website against this depletion of nature.

The local campaign was so successful in stopping all mining plans that I closed this website with a clear conscience in 2005.

Action Website for Environmental Substainabilty
December 2003
Action Website for Environmental Substainabilty 25

A day in San Francisco

You can tear the pages like a real book
Another 3D-animation.

I built a flash flipbook to visually storyboard a day in my life in San Francisco.

This was a good exercise in Flash and also in telling a story in a clear and fun way.

Flash Multimedia Presentation - May 2007
26 A Day in San Francisco

University of Applied Science Mittweida

I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Media Technology with a focus in Digital Media.

"The Potato" auditorium.

I worked at Wikia Inc. in San Francisco on my main thesis where I designed, developed and analyzed the deep topic of Social User Profiles.

My school is one of the few schools in Germany with the opportunity for education and active practice in all media formats.

Most student projects are published, printed, and broadcasted to a broader audience.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in 2011
Major: Media Technology with a focus in Digital Media
University of Applied Science Mittweida 27

Thanks for reading all
of my portfolio!